Apple recently held a special event on the Apple Campus on March 21, 2016. They used the tag line "Let us loop you in." Something was notably absent.

Apple announced two new iOS products including the new 4" iPhone SE and the iPad Pro 9.7". They dropped the price of the Apple Watch to a starting retail price of $349. iOS 9.3 was announced as well.

What was absent? Well, anything that has to do with OS X or the Mac. And that's a big problem. Apple is allocating so much of their design and development resources to iOS products because that's where they make the cash. Plain and simple. They are still selling Macs based on three-year-old Intel platforms and processors as brand new machines that are supposed to be market leaders. Why? Because they can. It's the same reason they can charge $649 for a 16GB iPhone 6s. I have no idea why people are willing to pay that much for a phone, by the way. The iPhone can't be that expensive to manufacture in volume.

Apple, please pay some attention to OS X and the Mac. Microsoft is more innovative than you with its Surface line of 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids. They are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with current-generation Intel hardware. If it weren't for Bohemian Coding's Sketch application for OS X I would be doing user experience design on Windows 10 exclusively. Adobe will eventually release Xd (Experience Design) for Windows and Affinity (Serif) will release their excellent Designer software for Windows soon. I had flirted with the idea of getting a Mac just to use Sketch but those days are numbered. I probably won't do it now. What are your thoughts? Is Apple hardware worth the higher cost? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter. Hit the Tweet button below to share your thoughts.


Apple March 2016 Event video stream
Bohemian Coding Sketch
Adobe Experience Design CC Preview

Trevor Curtis

Trevor Curtis

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