Trevor Curtis

I'm Trevor Curtis, and I'm a User Experience Designer.

I create beautiful and unique experiences for a wide range of devices, taking into account the capabilities and characteristics of both the device and the user.

I design clean and efficient visuals.

Great design is a process, not a destination. I put a lot of work into visual design because it gives you an opportunity to see a concept and form a response.

I enjoy sketching user interfaces and interactions to clearly illustrate the goals of a system. Drawing out concepts by hand with a pencil and paper helps me formulate a good direction to move in.

Initial sketches are followed up with wireframe designs as elements begin to take shape. More refined designs are produced to give stakeholders and developers a clear concept to work from.

I write concise code too.

Visual design is an unlimited creative space, but coding is where the concept begins takes shape and gains a life of its own. I've been a front-end developer and I can communicate visual concepts into specific elements on the screen.

<p>Code makes things real.</p>

A working prototype or code sample is the best way to elevate a visual design into a living, breathing product. I can navigate a sea of HTML and CSS in order to find the meaning in what is being produced.

I plan on surprising users.

Creating a good user experience takes testing and creativity. I think carefully about the audience I'm designing for. I explore what they think about and what matters to them.

User experience is a journey that companies and customers embark on. Let's give them an exciting story that they can share with others.

I design mobile-first responsive web sites that light up mobile devices. A progressive experience builds all the way up from mobile, through tablet, all the way to desktop design.

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I'm curious about lots of stuff.

I am not afraid to embrace new technology, a unique working methodology, or a cutting-edge design tool if it proves its value in a working setting.

I am not just a stylish designer that happens to know how to code. I am an ambassador for innovation in technology, no matter what the form factor happens to be.

Find out more about what I'm thinking by reading my blog. I love to share details about my process and talk about the fun parts of user experience.

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I wanna talk about it.

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